Chat@Caregiving: And Tuesday is Margarita Night

Ah, now we’re getting to the crux of the matter at Remington Medical Resort. Mom had gotten her delicious looking meal and I was unpacking her stuff. Suddenly a man in a very expensive suit strode into the room and greeted my mom.  His shirt, tie and shoes weren’t bad either.  He was the CEO of the facility.  If they wanted to impress my mom, they’d finally managed it.

Ruth was so taken with this guy she completely abandoned her lunch.  He was giving her his schpiel and she was using both hands to gather it in. I was impressed by the impact of the title. “Hi, I’m the CEO.  I’m glad you chose us.  Here’s my card.  Call me if you need anything.”  I’ll have to admit, though, I’m a sucker for good marketing.  How brilliant of them to have a “CEO” greet each “guest.” I realize that every Remington facility has it’s own CEO greeting new patients, but I love it anyway.

Here’s how brilliant they are.  One thing my mom needs is nourishment.  By constantly nagging her, I kept her in the neighborhood of 110 pounds before this latest event, but after her hospital stay, she was down to 95.  Everybody, from waiters in restaurants to nurses in hospitals, asks my mom what’s wrong with her food or why she doesn’t like it.  And she can always tell them.  This guy realized my mom’s appetite is just off and no one is going to get her to like what’s on her plate.  He offered her some ice cream and asked her what flavor she liked.

He completely negated the opportunity for Mom to imprint her initial negative opinion of the food on her psyche.  What’s more, he brought her THREE ice cream cups and put two of them in the mini-fridge.  All of a sudden she loves the food at the place and she’s interested in packing on more calories.  Should she be getting those calories from catfish and Brussels sprouts?  Well, of course! But when you’ve got someone disappearing into the sheets, you get credit for every calorie they ingest.

Another thing I liked about Remington is that someone with a brain put the room together.  I actually had enough space for the ten days of clothes, pjs and unmentionables that I brought for her.  There’s room and to spare for everything.  The bathroom has counter space.  There’s a recliner.  There’s a writing table and comfortable chair.  They’ll bring a roll-away if I want to spend the night.

Then it was time to use the restroom.  The nurses answered the call before Mom had time to take her finger off the button.  They joked with her and teased her through the process rather than acting as if she was the biggest burden they’d encountered all day long.  Mom had waited overlong to call though and there were linens that needed changing.  They made it seem like nothing – a pleasure to serve.  Give these girls medals!!

I decided it was safe  to head home.  They’d be coming in soon with the evening meal and Mom was in a great mood.  If I’d wanted to, I could have gone to the wine and cheese party in the lobby, but I was tuckered out.  On the next day, there would be a movie and popcorn.  Another night was board games.  No bingo and bean bag baseball for this crowd.  They have activities that even I would be interested in participating in.  And on Tuesday nights it’s Margaritas, so you’ll know where to find me.

Now you know why I want to check into the Remington.  They have gorgeous facilities, an exemplar staff and Margaritas on Tuesday nights.  The last few years have been tough on this caretaker.  When is someone going to welcome me to a facility and bring me a cup of chocolate ice cream?


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