Chat @ Caregiving: Team Member Award

Team Member Award

Team Member Award

Talk about an idea whose time has come!!  A few years back I wrote a series of posts about dealing with the joys and frustrations of caring for my senior citizens.   I was a voice crying in the wilderness.   My blog morphed into a travel jounal and the caregiving posts might as well have disappeared into that wilderness I just mentioned.

Recently, I was doing a little digital housekeeping over on and I decided to set up a second blog for the caregiving posts.  A few days later, I have a blog award!  Get on over to Grandma Drives Me Crazy and you’ll see I’m no longer the only one fighting the aging family battle.

Here’s are my nominees for the Team Member Award from among the folks I read most frequently:

A Hundred Years Ago – Sheryl Lazarus, is blogging daily from her grandmother’s diary and then gives us a peek at magazine and newspaper articles from her grandmother’s day.

Sheri de Grom – Here’s another caretaker, but she takes a look at caregiving from a completely different point of view.  In her career with our government, she spent many years inside JAG and other important departments.  Among a variety of other subjects, she often gives us an insiders view to some of the legislation effecting the job of caregivers.

Bell Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast –  All caregivers need a break and here’s a great place to take one.  Over the last year I’ve been following Michelle and Brett Darnell over the last year as they shared the experience of opening a bed and breakfast in the beautiful plantation built on the site where James Madison was born. Visiting their lovely inn is now on the top of my bucket list.

Retiree Diary –  Michael Lai certainly won’t need any caregiving for a while.  This active Hong Kong retiree is a real world traveler and post some of the most beautiful pictures you can imagine.

So Far From Heaven – Here’s another non-traditional retiree that won’t be showing up at the nursing home anytime soon.  He’s traveling the west in an RV with a full compliment of cats.  One day he’s sharing his life philosophy with you and the next he’s discussing sunspots.  He and I don’t have the same politics, but he sure knows how to tickle my funny bone.

Gypsy Road Trip – While I’m on the subject of travel, here’s a blogger who will suggest interesting travel destinations that are usually a few miles off the beaten path, but always quite interesting.

Digidame – Chances are your grandma needs to up her digital game and Lois Whitman-Hess writes about what’s happening in the digital world.  Her blog is particularly good for grandma, because she writes it with our seniors in mind.  I’m not drawing social security – yet, but I find a lot on her blog that interests me, too.

Jenny Hansen – I never really need an excuse to recommend Jenny’s More Cowbell blog to anyone.  It’s where I go to laugh.  From undie chronicles to fashion accessories and everything in between or outside those subjects, you’ll want to bring a cowbell when you read her posts.

Jess Wilkins – If you’re bogged down in the tasks of caregiving, then pop on over to Jess Wilkin’s Happiness Project. I always manage to pick up a smile over there.

Candid Kathryn – Another favorite you should follow just because.  Kathryn is more than just candid, she’s real.  There’s no telling what she might choose to right about, but you’ll enjoy it.

Mike Murray’s Forest Photography – This is another just because choice.  This guy really knows his way about photography and many of his shots are of my favorite places.  Just enjoy.

Photo Botos –  Speaking of great photography, Photo Botos is another blog you should visit to see some amazing shots.  Photo Botos highlights photographers from all over the world, so you’ll see a lot of variety.

iphone photographer – I’m still new to the world of smartphones and the pictures I take with my Samsung Galaxy III proves it.  I keep reading David Pasillas blog in hopes that I’ll be able to capture the world the way he does with his iphone.  I think that day is still a ways off.

John Harding –  While I’m on the subject of photography, I can’t leave off John Harding.  Creating this list has made me realize just how much I love great pictures.

Any bloggers who chooses to accept this completely symbolic award can:

  • Grab the logo and put it in a post
  • Link to your nominator, a.k.a. me
  • Nominate 14 blogs of your own



3 thoughts on “Chat @ Caregiving: Team Member Award

  1. TX Jane – I’ll try to do your nomination justice. Congratulations on your receiving the award. It might be a bit before I pass this award on – but I will. My days and nights seem consumed with this very subject at the moment. I’m looking forward to scrolling through your nominations. I know a few and am excited about checking out the others. You are indeed a jewel in my late afternoon when I’m desperately trying to decide just what I might come up with that Tom might consider worthy of a taste.

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